BLACK SUMMERS – Zombie Flick

I love anything that has to do with Zombies. This is one of my latest favorites. Usually, I give my honest opinion when I write a review. I am rating this series four point five out of five.

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Having watched five episodes of the whole eight part series, I think it’s a great series. The last Netflix binge was the Punisher Season 2. Black Summers highlights the event that took place before Z nation. I have not watched Z nation before.

Most Zombie flicks I have watched shows survivals who are already good in killing the Undead. One shot and Zombies just die. The survivors are amateurs who aren’t experts and have to rely on human instincts for their survival. I won’t be revealing too much spoilers so you can enjoy the series.

The other great Zombie movie that I have watched so far is Train to Busan. It’s spine chilling.

Scene from Train to Busan

Do check out the trailer,

Synopsis of Black Summers

Six weeks after a Zombie outbreak,

evacuation points have been set up in the city. A family of three were on their way to an rescue truck when a soldier suspects that Rose’s husband is infected. The soldier ask him to move aside and was about to shoot when they ran away when a bunch of Zombies suddenly ran towards them. The whole journey starts from this point on. The whole series is shot from different stand points of each individual character. One thing I really like about this is the setting. It plays out in the different locations with less talk and more action. I watched the walking dead and some of the episodes took place in the same building for the entire one episode which made it seem repetitive to watch.

In the end of the 5th episode, all the survivors join forces and heads off to the city searching for weapons. I am currently watching episode 6. All the survivors have made to a safe house their quest of looting weapons.

My Commentary

Watching Zombie apocalypses reminds me how vulnerable civilizations are and if one day the world was to fall apart, things can end dreadfully. Some scenes in Black Summers is at times graphic and disturbing, so viewer discretion is advised. Netflix brings to table great content with many big stars joining the cast in the other series. Will Netflix become Google of internet streaming?