Pew Die Pie – Dlive

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PewDiePie has currently 93 million subscribers. That’s more than the population of Malaysia. I have seen many articles recently saying that he is going to dump YouTube to join Dlive. So I had to check out the page on Dlive recently.

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On the 14th April 2019, he is going to make his first Live stream on Dlive which gives back a lot of the earnings back to its content creators. In some ways, I think the Pewds is also diversifying into a different platform that is blockchain based. I don’t think he would just ditch YouTube straight away as what the mainstream media states. Imagine having 93 million subscribers and telling them that, I am leaving this platform. I don’t think it makes sense for anyone to really just do that. He has a new video just 8 hours ago.

Dlive will on the good side get a lot of mainstream coverage. Any news no matter good or bad is always news.

Recently, the Sultan of Brunei made headline news on the new shariah laws. It made international headlines. From my view, it hasn’t really happened. I have not yet seen a single person stoned as I live just two to three hours away from Brunei.