Tor Browser – Privacy + VPN

We should have our own privacy when we browse the net. Sites have these data machines that learn the pattern of every single user on it’s database from the sites you browse to who you talk to. It’s all collected. Do you constantly feel that someone is watching you? Tor is here to save the day.

In the distant future, I am pretty sure data would become a sell able commodity.

I downloaded this to access banned sites in Malaysia. I downloaded the Tor browser on my phone too.

privacy malaysia

Tor browser that most international groups, journalist, hackers to name a few use to mask their IP address and have their privacy in countries known for their suppression of free speech. I have this downloaded on my phone too. I googled “Banned sites in Malaysia” and one site that came up which is

On my normal chrome browser, it looks like this when I type in the address.

privacy malaysia
Img Src: Google Chrome browser

This site can’t be reached (Banned )

So I used the Tor browser and typed in the same address.

privacy malaysia

This site looks harmless to me or maybe not.

In addition, Tor browser has VPN built directly into the system as a feature. I have this on my phone and every time I switch the Tor browser on, I can choose a random international IP. The FBI apprehend Ross Ulbricht aka “Dread Pirate Roberts” on the 6th November 2013. He was still on logged in Silk Road.

Moreover, if you travel to countries where international sites are banned, this browser helps.

Why do you need to have Tor?

Similarly, Thor needs his hammer, we should have a privacy browser as an alternative to other browsers that have been collecting our data for so long.

privacy malaysia

The benefits:

  1. First, Cookies are cleared after you hit the X button. Companies can’t collect your data due to browser separation. This increases your privacy and security. However, you still see ads.
  2. Then, Every user who uses the browser is given the same fingerprints making it really tough for companies to track your activity. Consequently , the multi-layered encryption protection from relayed traffic on thousands of volunteers servers confuses data collection from big companies.
  3. Finally, you won’t be under surveillance.

The greatest benefit of them all: The DARK WEB. This site allows you to enter into the deep parts of the web not indexed by major search engines.

In conclusion, In Malaysia, there is free speech to a certain degree unless one ventures into defamation, religion, politics, fake news when it can get someone into real trouble. Tor project has been built to empower those who need a voice and of course for me, to just do some harmless venturing around banned sites and maybe the dark web. I haven’t really gone to the dark web much.

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Writer’s commentary: I have been sitting here for around an hour writing this doing some research and thinking of words. There are still lots of edit that needs to be done. Will update this post to make it better. I treat each work as my own master piece and a challenge in writing that could one day meet international standards.