Recently, there have been some Monkeys that have been menacing around my neighborhood. I was about to head out to town today when I saw three monkeys that did this to my car.

Coconuts on the roof of my car

As I was preparing to go out, I did not really bother about them. I just said in an angry voice ,

“OI!” and I walked towards them and saw them running away. Days ago, my wife saw them in our garden and she took out the machine gun and shot them. Just joking. She shot them with the water hose.

Maybe they are back for revenge.

Anyways, I have registered a new domain today and got my website hosted so I will be writing using my website at

These monkeys took out the coconut from the dustbin nearby and peeled open the inside

I haven’t wash my car yet. My roof looks like poop land at the moment.

One of my cats, I do not own it, but it grew up in my compound ever since it was a kitten and I guess that makes me somewhat it’s owner. =)

These monkeys have been spotted for months. They also did some damage to my neighbor’s house. Anyways, I am going to end it here. I am currently still writing my essay for a competition. Currently, at 3,800 words.

Have a great night everyone. It’s currently 11.36 PM. I really like Word press new interface.


I am posting this from my new site that I’ve bought a new domain and hosted my site here. Been a while since I thought of owning a site.

This is my first post here. I have linked the site with Steem press so everytime I write a new post it automatically updates to my Steemit account. From my own calculation, it’s a win win. I will be working on the SEO of the site and in the future will get advertisements here on the site. Other than this, I will be writing about Cryptos, travels, science and maybe some randomness.

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I have been active on Steemit since November 2018. I joined at the end of July 2018. It’s been a while since those hard times. From my view, I have since then have this habit of writing daily on content that is related to Cryptos, travels, food and etc. There are greater goals in life to set in order to succeed.

I have actually have websites for many years which I did nothing on. I guess, all the years of experimenting leads up to this point in time. The technology is also getting more advance. Writing from your phone is getting easily with cheaper hosting and domains available. I am pretty sure that in the future one of the assets that have tremendous value are those in the virtual world.