Steemit – Day 298

Currently, it’s been 298 days. It’s how long I’ve been on Steem. I have also met many fellow Malaysians here on the platform. Loving every minute on the platform being in this new experiment to test out what the future would be like. I have benefited in monetary terms and also in experience.

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298 days later.

Another 0.3 till reputation 65. That was my target reputation for last year December 2019. Musing was my hope to achieve that until it lost it’s delegation.

I have met many new friends here. I have tried to convince some of my friends who are people I know in real life. The first hurdle which has proven hard for many of my friends is the keys. Most of them registered and after two weeks of waiting, they got their account but when they tried to log in, either they did not know which key to log in or lost their keys. End of story.

In a couple of weeks, my reputation would be hitting 65. I will be making a new post and also to thank everyone who has been around. There are days too which I feel lazy too but I have to force myself to get things done no matter what.

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At night, when I lie in bed, I find it hard to sleep and star blankly at the ceiling having this overwhelming thought of owning lots of cryptos. Currently, I have been formulating a strategy of accumulation of BTC. I don’t know how much BTC I would have in the future, every Monday, I make it a habit to deposit some Steem into my BTC wallet. I guess, it all adds up.

If I gave up a long time ago, which was a halt from activity after I registered a Steemit account when I was still new. I did not even know what I should do at that time. It’s been a long long time. Luckily, I have not broken any rules in the platform. One thing I tend to not do is copy anyone’s writing as I think every single content written by me is a masterpiece.

My advice to those who are new here. Just keep doing it and don’t give up. Just keep trying. Every effort adds up.


No Car Week

A few more days till I get my car back. It’s been a week and 2 days since I sent my car to the workshop to get it fixed. This is where E-hailing apps comes to the rescue.

At the moment it’s being spray painted

The back of my car was badly damaged and I could not even open the door. It somehow affected my alarm system which connected to the car’s battery. The next thing I would do once I get my car back is to get some window tints and hopefully next year a new spoiler. Every time I hit Brunei roads which are well paved and are distances apart, I accelerate to about 160 km/hr. I requested for some minor repairs to be made on the hood of the car as I hit a pickup truck from behind but it just bent slightly.

I spent days using Grab, Malaysia’s very own E-hailing company which merged with Uber last year. I usually write about events in my life so that a year from now, when I look back, I can have a look at what I have achieved and to get to somewhat get a timeline of what has happened.

A list of places that I have been to today. It is pretty easy to use this app and drivers usually arrive within a few minutes upon booking. When I was in Kuala Lumpur, last year, It usually takes on average ten minutes for a driver to arrive. The fares are cheap too. Usually it ranges from MYR 4 to MYR 7 which is about USD 1 to USD 1.7 per trip.

There is also a real time location of the movement of the driver to get you to roughly estimate how long it takes for the driver to reach your location. Today, I did a lot of walking and saw lots of places that I would have not have seen when I drove around instead. Sometimes, it feels quite fun to be a tourist in your own city once in a while.


The Calling

Been almost a week since I last wrote here on my site. Still figuring out which direction to move this site towards. There are lots going on in my mind. Maybe I should just should the go with the flow method and just let it grow in an organic manner. I think I should write niche topics to increase my SEO rankings on google if in the future the traffic picks up, it can be a new stream of income. There is still lots of things to learn about the Cryptos before being a content writer topics related to Cryptos. It shall be my year’s goal towards 2020.

Increase expertise in Blockchains and Cryptos.

I guess the best thing is to start writing with basic topics doing more research into the more advanced topics.

Going to write this one more post before getting on with my other world. Weekends are approaching and hope that you who read this is going to enjoy your weekend not being disappointed by how Avengers: Endgame turned out.

If you had a bad week, do look forwards for the new week. Make a plan for the new week and take some time off from the online world. Do some real outdoor activities.

I think I need to still do some tweaks with the theme of this site to make it more minimalist theme. Have a great weekend.