Project Euler


is the understanding of the language of the geeks, just joking. It’s the understand of how programs work and our understanding of the different programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, C++, C #, Ruby, SQL and etc to build new applications and decentralized apps of the future.

Project Euler is a website that lets you try out the toughest math questions. There are currently 664 questions. Question #1 is the easiest and #664 being the hardest. Why? If you want to be a programmer which I want to be, but I haven’t really been practicing lately, you have to be able to solve these hard questions.

The first programming language to learn if you want to be a programmer would be


Img from freeCodeCamp programming education

Which programming language should you learn first?

Problem #1 from

Try to solve the problem above if you can.

One of the sites that you can visit to kick start your programming skills is at


programming blockchain
Introduction to Blockchain

Currently, there are new programming lessons. I have just logged into my account and I saw this new course on the introduction to Blockchain.

The good thing about learning programming in Code academy is that you don’t need to install any IDE’S (Integrated development environment). Currently, one of my favorite IDE’S is IntelliJ from Jetbrains.

programming IDE

Do visit to download IntelliJ to run scripts. It may be a bit complex at first but you can find loads of resources on YouTube about this IDE. As our world slowly transits into the 4th Industrial revolution, programming is become an essential skill that we have to learn. Many jobs are slowly becoming obsolete. There is a lack of programmers.

In Malaysia especially, I do see a wide gap of skill mismatch with jobs that exist and the jobs that are available. There are currently many jobs that have lots of positions with no one being able to fill it. One lucrative niche that one has to learn anything that is Blockchain. This technology is only a few years old and is becoming an essential part of our lives.

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