April 8, 2020

Claw Machine hacks – How to get your own toys from a claw machine

This video guides you on how to get some toys from the Claw machine. It all started one day when I got my toy from one of the claw machines at a shop nearby. I posted it on my Instagram and my good buddy took notice and it somehow motivated it alot, i guess. I gave him some tips and from there on he has so far managed to get 9 toys and the ones in the picture above are some of those.

One of the characteristic of an easily claw able toy is that the claw has to have a reasonable claw strength and the toys usually have a big head as compared to its body. The toys which are usually longer in length are quite difficult to get because the center of gravity is distributed. A big head if you manage to get the claw to grip on it if the claw is strong enough to grip on it.

In the video, is Aywen, my buddy whom I have known since Primary school. It’s been so long since we’ve known each other. It’s also great behave like kids again. He wins those toys for his two sons and once the number of toys increase to a certain amount, he is going to donate them to a nearby orphanage and I may take some video recordings of it. If you love my videos on YouTube, do subscribe. Really appreciate it,

Luuee Tang

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