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In a world today, is it enough to have a million bucks for a start?

There are definitely lots of people who would say that a million bucks nowadays is really nothing as everything is expensive around the world. The first question is, how many of us has ever seen a real million dollars in a pile of cash in front of us? This is the case for many Malaysians who are stuck in debt with not much in their banks.

What would you do if you had a million bucks?

Would you directly buy a new house, cars and diamonds?


If suddenly a million bucks landed in my bank account (which is unlikely), the first thing I would do is to pay off all of my debts. I still need to pay for my car which is another three years. I will prepay all the insurance for my wife and I for the next decade so there is no need to worry for that.

Give 200 k to my parents. 200 k kept as cash just for emergency purposes.

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Donate some to charity, maybe get some modification done for my car. Bring my family to the States and China for a vacation.

Some may use the money to open a business, but I think a having enough money and spending it slowly would last for a while if we spend it wisely. If I had a lot of cash suddenly one day, I guess, I have to still maintain my spending at current levels but keep more as cash. Use what I earn from investment to be spend to maintain the original levels of cash that I have.

Then the rest of it, I am going to invest it. I will try to spend only the money I earn from investment and to grow the whole investment. I am still looking at different online virtual investments to get into that are safe. There is currently Celsius which lets you earn around 7% per year of your Cryptos. That’s great isn’t it. Having assets that increases in value yet also paid in interest for those assets you own. Imagine that.

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