No Car Week

A few more days till I get my car back. It’s been a week and 2 days since I sent my car to the workshop to get it fixed. This is where E-hailing apps comes to the rescue.

At the moment it’s being spray painted

The back of my car was badly damaged and I could not even open the door. It somehow affected my alarm system which connected to the car’s battery. The next thing I would do once I get my car back is to get some window tints and hopefully next year a new spoiler. Every time I hit Brunei roads which are well paved and are distances apart, I accelerate to about 160 km/hr. I requested for some minor repairs to be made on the hood of the car as I hit a pickup truck from behind but it just bent slightly.

I spent days using Grab, Malaysia’s very own E-hailing company which merged with Uber last year. I usually write about events in my life so that a year from now, when I look back, I can have a look at what I have achieved and to get to somewhat get a timeline of what has happened.

A list of places that I have been to today. It is pretty easy to use this app and drivers usually arrive within a few minutes upon booking. When I was in Kuala Lumpur, last year, It usually takes on average ten minutes for a driver to arrive. The fares are cheap too. Usually it ranges from MYR 4 to MYR 7 which is about USD 1 to USD 1.7 per trip.

There is also a real time location of the movement of the driver to get you to roughly estimate how long it takes for the driver to reach your location. Today, I did a lot of walking and saw lots of places that I would have not have seen when I drove around instead. Sometimes, it feels quite fun to be a tourist in your own city once in a while.


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