Been almost a week since I last wrote here on my site. Still figuring out which direction to move this site towards. There are lots going on in my mind. Maybe I should just should the go with the flow method and just let it grow in an organic manner. I think I should write niche topics to increase my SEO rankings on google if in the future the traffic picks up, it can be a new stream of income. There is still lots of things to learn about the Cryptos before being a content writer topics related to Cryptos. It shall be my year’s goal towards 2020.

Increase expertise in Blockchains and Cryptos.

I guess the best thing is to start writing with basic topics doing more research into the more advanced topics.

Going to write this one more post before getting on with my other world. Weekends are approaching and hope that you who read this is going to enjoy your weekend not being disappointed by how Avengers: Endgame turned out.

If you had a bad week, do look forwards for the new week. Make a plan for the new week and take some time off from the online world. Do some real outdoor activities.

I think I need to still do some tweaks with the theme of this site to make it more minimalist theme. Have a great weekend.



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