Being in Steemit for around a year, I have learnt a lot. I am going to write about the things that we should and should not do here.


I really started to work hard in November of 2019. The first month, it was pretty difficult because I had to always wait for my resource credit which constantly diminished in days. The first two apps that I was engaged in were Steemhunt and Musing.

Once my Steem Power reached around 300 SP, I could vote, comment and write more without worrying about the resource credits.

Currently, my SP is at 738 and I have delegated some of my SP out.

Do’s and Don’ts on the Steemit Platform

  1. Always write original content. It’s not wise to copy and paste any content from the web. Even if you feel that it’s hard to write, at least try. The cheetahs can get you if you copy something from the web. I created this website which links directly to Steemit as I write on a hosted WordPress account that I have paid for. This is to avoid any double posting and of course at the same time get my SEO done for my site and content in my Steemit account. I am currently working on boosting the SEO of this site. If you are lost in content, have a break. You can also go to to find questions to answer. When I was active on Musing, I answered 5 to 6 questions everyday with around 300 words each.

2. Always use your Posting key for posting and Active key for Steem transfers. Keep your master Key safe. I learnt this around two months ago the hard way when I got my account phished when I got greedy and logged in to a fake website that tricked me with a free 30 steem giveaway. Hours later, I got my account taken over. I have gotten it back and learnt my lesson. If you ever get your account hacked , phished or lost, just go to this page,

3. Always change your password but remember to keep it in a safe place. Keep the master key safe and never lose it. It’s the key of the house that unlocks all doors.

The link to change your password is here,

4. Anytime you get flagged or have done something wrong without knowing it as some guidelines aren’t clear, do not feel angry or discouraged. I have got down voted, had unpleasant comments, account phished but I doesn’t deter me from showing up. Doing this will strengthen the mind in all aspects of life other. When I started out at the gym around a decade ago, the first few months showed no progress. I never gave up seven months in. I thought about it, I have done it for the last few months, why not just continue.

5. I always find it interesting when I head into the Steemcleaners discord.

This is my discord account that I have on my desktop app.

Joining discords allows you to get insights into some of the things that other users have done which are not allowed. Steemcleaners job isn’t easy from my view with so many accounts in the Steemit platform.

6. Do not create hundreds of Steemit accounts with the motive of farming upvotes. Well, why would someone be so free to do that anyways. Do not spam.

These are some of the rules. I shall update this post.

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